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The original purpose of a leather hat band was to adjust the hat size to fit the head.
Today, the hat band can be an attractive accessory to change the look of all felt and straw hats.
Changing the band changes and personalizes a hat conforming to one’s taste, complexion and hair.
An example might be turquoise to accent blue eyes.
One popular idea is to harmonize the hat band with a shirt or complete suit.
Most people should have more than one hat, one for dress as well as one for every day.
We have access to bracelets and necklaces matching some hat bands.


Cowboy Hat Band Etiquette:
If your hat band has some type of decoration or focal point such as a bow or buckle,
that focal point is to be worn on the man's left side,
and anything on a woman's hat band must be on the right.


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Imitation Alligator Western Cowboy Hat Bands
alligator hat bands
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Beaded Western Cowboy Hat Bands or Headbands
Western Beaded Hat Bands or Headbands
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Bone Bead Western Cowboy Hat Bands
Bone Bead Western Hat Bands
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Concho Western Cowboy Hat Bands
concho hat bands
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Feathered Western Cowboy Hat Bands
feather hat bands
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Braided Horse Hair Western Cowboy Hat Bands
Braided Horse Hair Hat Bands for Cowboy Hats
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Leather Western Cowboy Hat Bands
Western Leather Hat Bands
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Braided Suede Western Cowboy Hat Bands
Braided Suede Hat Bands
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Braided Leather Western Cowboy Hat Bands
Braided Leather Hat Bands
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Imitation Ostrich Western Cowboy Hat Bands
ostrich hat bands
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Rattlesnake Snake Skin Inlay Western Cowboy Hat Bands
Rattlesnake Snake Skin Inlay Hat Bands
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