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How To Clean Horse Hair Jewelry

Treat horse hair jewelry as you would your own hair only it rarely needs cleaned but when it does, use a mild pH balanced shampoo.
NEVER use a bar, dish soap or baking soda. Bar soap will leave a skum, and if mixed with hard water, is very hard to rinse out. Dish soap and baking soda are highly alkaline. Both will leave hair dry and brittle. Alkaline promotes lather and foaming, looks good, but quite hard on the hair. PH balanced shampoo doesn't strip hair of natural chemicals and locks in moisture leaving the hair soft and smooth.

How To Clean Horse Hair Jewelry

Prepare bowl with warm water and add a small quantity of liquid shampoo. Swish the jewelry around the solution. Gently brush with an old toothbrush in the direction of the hair. Rinse the jewelry under warm running water. Discard the soapy water.
This time prepare the bowl with warm water and add a small quantity of hair conditioner. Over time, the tiny cells that cover each hair will become damaged. While shampoo does a great job of cleaning these hairs, it doesn't lock in any moisture, often leaving hair looking and feeling dry, split and a bit scraggly. Conditioner is important because it locks in the nutrients and locks out the pollutants by sealing the cuticle, the outer cellular layer of the hair. Conditioners smooth the hair, detangle it, increase shine, reduce frizz, and make it feel nicer to touch leaving the hair soft and sleek. Let your jewelry soak in the conditioner for about two minutes and rinse again, then place on a paper towel to dry. Be aware of the shape of the jewelry while drying. It will tend to maintain that shape when dry, if you dry a tassel with a bend it will keep that bend. Same goes with a bracelet, dry it round and it'll stay round.

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