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Western Hat Bands

If you don't look your best, you're cheating yourself!

You'll Love the Look! Find beaded, feather, horsehair, leather and snakeskin inlay hat bands here.

Fashionable, low cost replacement hat bands for mens and womens western hats.

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Hat Band Etiquette:
If your hat band has some type of decoration or focal point such as a bow or buckle,
that focal point is to be worn on the man's left side,
and anything on a woman's hat band must be on the right.

Please check out our fine western hat band collections.
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Concho Western Hat Bands

Concho or Concha means shell in the Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Concho Western Hat Bands
Western Hat Bands

Beaded Western Hat Bands

Hand Crafted Elastic Beaded Hat Bands and Horse Hair Beaded Hat Bands adaptable to most hats.

Beads are known to be one of the earliest forms of trade between the human race. It is thought that is because of bead trading that humans developed language. Beads are said to have been used and traded for most of our history. The oldest beads found to date were at Ksar Akil, in Lebanon. Prior to this find, the beads found in the Blombos Cave were the oldest at about 72,000 years old. Round is the most common shape of beads. The shape of the round beads lay together and is pleasing to the eye. Round beads can be made of glass, stone, ceramic, metal or wood.

Beaded Western Hat Bands
Western Hat Bands

Feather Western Hat Bands

Feathers are used to decorate many commercial items such as earrings and other jewelry, hair ornaments, carnival masks, and fishing flies. The colorful body feathers and tail plumes of chickens, turkeys, pheasants, guineafowl, and related birds are the most common of these commercial "decorative feathers." The feathers of Ring-necked Pheasants rival those of domestic chickens and turkeys in popularity for decorative uses. The species, also known as Common Pheasant, has been widely introduced in North America and elsewhere, and is very commonly raised on game farms. The plumage of the male Ring-necked Pheasant is complex, with each body region exhibiting a different pattern. Ring-necked Pheasants are the only pheasant species for which the feathers of females are commonly used in decorative objects. This is due to their ready availability, combined with their attractive patterning.

Feather Western Hat Bands
Western Hat Bands

Horsehair Western Hat Bands

Vaquero Quality Horsehair Hat Bands. The Vaquero, or Spanish Mexican cowboy, was considered a highly skilled worker and was the first to use horsehair to braid hat bands.

Horse hair is the long, coarse hair growing on the manes and tails of horses. The longer tail hair is mostly used for belts and necklaces while the shorter finer mane hair is used for bracelets and other jewelry. My research indicates the first use of horse hair was by the Spanish in the 8th century as a textile. One historic use was for gloves commonly used for fishing in the medieval age leading up to the 17th century in cold climates. Gloves woven from horse hair fibers were a very popular option in cold climates because horse hair is a very good insulator and also has a natural oil and rigid structure that allows them to be woven tightly and remain water proof and warm. Hair braiding dates back to the first dynasty of Pharaoh Menes. Ancient Egyptian sources describe Libyan men with long hair, braided and beaded. The art of braiding has mostly survived by western prison inmate hobbyists making reins, belts, bracelets, earrings, hat bands and barrettes. Horse hair jewelry gives its wearers an earthy, rustic look.

Horsehair Western Hat Bands
Western Hat Bands

Leather Western Hat Bands

Simply put, leather is awesome. History shows how it represents wealth and status. Care should be taken to match the color of the hat band and any metal accents to that of the belt and boots. We have a large assortment of quality Leather Hat Bands.

Leather Western Hat Bands
Western Hat Bands

SnakeSkin Western Hat Bands

Stylish Leather Hat Band with Rattle SnakeSkin Inlay and a Buffalo nickel form concho.

SnakeSkin Western Hat Bands
Western Hat Bands

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